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Two Teardrops chords - Steve Wariner

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Steve Wariner Sheet music

I took this off from a poor recording made with a hand held cassette
recorder off GAC. I don't know the exact chord forms that Steve is
playing but I think I have the denominations correct. Anyway, here is
the chord arrangemant that I am using to perform the song.

And I have a correction or two in the words and one Chord.

My new website is up but the sound clips are not working well yet. Give
me some time to figure it out.

E -     022100
Esus4 - 022200
F#m7 -  2x2200
Bsus4 - x22200 1st & 2nd time in verses
G#m7 -  4x4400
Amaj7 - 002200 or 5x6650
Am7b5 - 012120 or 6x6650
Bsus4 - x24450 or 797977
B7 -    x24242 or 797677

C#m7 -  x4x450
B7   -  x24400 in chorus
Bsus4-  x24400 yes, I know it's the same as the way I play the B7 but I
like it that way here in the chorus.

Two Teardrops - Steve Wariner

{capo 1st fret}
(Intro) E          Esus4      E            Esus4
                             [two teardrops]

(Verse 1)

E                  Esus4
TWO TEARDROPS were floatin’ down the river.
E             Esus4
One teardrop said to the other;
F#m7                    B7sus4
“I’m from the soft blue eyes of a woman in love.

{same chords as the previous 3 lines}
I’m a tear of joy she just couldn’t carry.
She was so happy. She’d just gotten married.
I was on her cheek when she wiped me away with her glove.

F#m7                            G#m7                 Amaj7
I could tell by the look on her face she didn’t need me.
F#m7            G#m7     Amaj7       A#m7b5      Bsus4 B7
So I drifted on down and caught me a ride to the sea.”

(Verse 2)

The other tear said; “We’ve got a connection.
I’m a tear of sorrow born of rejection.
I’m from the sad brown eyes of her old flame.
She told him they would be life-long companions.
Left him with questions and not any answers.
I was on his cheek as he stood there callin’ her name.
I could tell he had a lot of my friends for company
so I drifted on down and caught me a ride to the sea.”

(Chorus 1)
C#m7                        G#m7
Oh, the oceans a little bit bigger tonight.
Amaj7              E
Two more teardrops somebody cried.
C#m7                  G#m7                   AMaj7   B7
One of them happy and one of them bluer than blue.
C#m7                      G#m7
The tide goes out and the tide comes in.
Amaj7               E
Someday there’ll be teardrops again.
C#m7                    G#m7                     Amaj7
Released in a moment of pleasure for a moment of pain.
         F#m7     G#m7     Bsus4
And they drift on down and ride to the sea again.


(Verse 3)
Last night I sat in the waiting room.
The nurse walked in and gave me the news.
“It’s a baby girl and they’re both fine.”
Old man sitting not ten feet away.
Just lost his wife. Said to me;
“You’ve got brand new angel and I lost mine.”
I guess the Good Lord giveth and the Good Lord taketh away.
And we both wiped a tear drop from our face.

(Chorus 2)
Oh, the oceans a little bit bigger tonight.
Two more teardrops somebody cried.
One of them happy and one of them bluer than blue.
The tide goes out and the tide comes in.
A whole new circle of life begins
where tears are part of the pleasure and part of the pain.
‘Till they drift on down and ride to the sea again.

(Intro riff repeat and fade)

TWO TEARDROPS floatin’ down the river. [two teardrops]
TWO TEARDROPS floatin’ down the river.
[two teardrops]

These chords are the way I've arranged it to perform. They are not what
Steve Wariner is playing throughout the song. As a matter of fact, they
are not (in all cases) called what they are referred to here. If you
like the way they sound, you're welcome to them.

That's the way I like it. I also have a cute little arrangement of the
intro that I will forward when I get it tabbed out for you.

Your Friend,
John Tercyak

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