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Waiting In The Wings chords - Steve Wariner

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Steve Wariner CD
Steve Wariner Sheet music
                WAITING IN THE WINGS
Steve Wariner
2000, Capitol Records
August 4, 2003


(G) Jimmy was a (C/G) shadow the (G) youngest of three (C/G) boys
(G) How he longed to (D) feel the (C) light
(G) Jimmys older (C/G) brothers (G) sure could make some (C/G) noise
(G) So he became the (D) quiet (C) type
(Bm) But deep in(C)side he had some (G) powerful (C) dreams
(Bm) He'd think a(C)bout them then he'd (G) smile 

And he was (G) gone, (D) gone, to (C/B) somewhere far be(C)yond
Where (D) he was (G) strong, (D) strong, (C/B) shining in the (C) sun
They (D) say that (Bm) some(D)day the (G) meekest heart will (C) sing
There was (G) Jimmy (D) waiting in the (G) wings (C/G) (G) (C/G)

(G) Susie was a (C/G) waitress (G) morning noon and (C/G) night
(G) But she never (D) did comp(C)lain
(G) Jimmy'd stopped for (C/G) lunch there at (G) least a thousand (C/G) times
(G) But one Monday (D) something (C) changed
(Bm) She leaned a(C)cross him with some (G) chocolate (C) pie
(Bm) Then he looked into her (C) eyes (G)

And he was (G) gone, (D) gone, to (C/B) somewhere far be(C)yond
His (D) heart beat (G) strong (D) strong he (C/B) knew she was the (C) one
They (D) say that (Bm) some(D)day the (G) meekest heart will (C) sing
Love found (G) Jimmy (D) waiting in the (G) wings 

(Bm) And when he (G) held her for the (C) very first (D) time
(Bm) He found the (G) one thing hed been (C/B) missing all his (C) life

And they were (G) gone, (D) gone, to (C/B) somewhere far be(C)yond
Their (D) love was (G) strong (D) strong (C/B) two hearts beat as (C) one
He (D) stood be(Bm)side (D) her and (G) she put on his (C) ring
And when she (G) smiled (D) how his heart did (F) sing


They (D) say that (Bm) some(D)day the (G) meekest heart will (C) sing
So (C/B) re(C)member if youre (D) waiting in the (G) wings 

Fade out 

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