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Greyhound Bus chords - Warren Brothers

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Greyhound Bus Sheet music

"Greyhound Bus"   The Warren Brother's
Transcribed by Dave Welch

Play your chords like this........
G            Em          C (play it with your middle finger on the lowest
-3-          -3-            -3-
-3-          -3-            -3-
-0-          -0-            -0-
-0-          -2-            -2-
-2-          -2-            -3-
-3-          -0-            -0-


 G              Em            C                 D

        G                                                    C           
The Rumble of the engines in the station almost put me to sleep
              Em                                   C
and the wino covered up with yesterday's news
     G                       D
is lying next to me
                Em                         C
I see a redhaired girl with pony tails
reminding me of you
I don't know why i left
it was something i had to do

G                                                      C                 
Looking out the window as the skyline fades away
when i see your face, i have no idea, 
 G                           D
what i'm gonna say
                  Em                   C
I've got a picture of me, holding you
Right here in my hands
   C                                          D
I recognize my face, but i don't know who i am

Now I'm gonna catch a greyhound
Getting out of this town
        C                        D                                G
I'm gonna catch a greyhound back to you

G                                 C                          G
I close my eye's but i can't seem to sleep
and the past rolls through my mind
           G                       D
like a river cold and deep
Em                                        C
morning comes, and the sky begins to rain

It feels good to feel something, 
Even if it's pain

          Bm                    Em                                     C 
It's amazing how a tender voice,  on the other end, of the phone
         Bm                                    Em                        
can change your mind, your life, your plans just by sayin'
Daddy Please come home.

Repeat  CHORUS

last chorus
Yes i'm gonna catch a greyhound
Getting out of this town
C                                 D                             Em,
I'm gonna catch a greyhound back to us
C                               D
I'm starting my life over

on a greyhound bus

G           Em             C           D           G

comments, questions, request's  let me know!

Dave Welch

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