Greyhound Bus chords - Warren Brothers

Warren Brothers Lyrics

"Greyhound Bus"   The Warren Brother's
Transcribed by Dave Welch

Play your chords like this........
G            Em          C (play it with your middle finger on the lowest
-3-          -3-            -3-
-3-          -3-            -3-
-0-          -0-            -0-
-0-          -2-            -2-
-2-          -2-            -3-
-3-          -0-            -0-


 G              Em            C                 D

        G                                                    C           
The Rumble of the engines in the station almost put me to sleep
              Em                                   C
and the wino covered up with yesterday's news
     G                       D
is lying next to me
Em C I see a redhaired girl with pony tails G reminding me of you C I don't know why i left D it was something i had to do G C G Looking out the window as the skyline fades away C when i see your face, i have no idea, G D what i'm gonna say Em C I've got a picture of me, holding you G Right here in my hands C D I recognize my face, but i don't know who i am CHORUS G Now I'm gonna catch a greyhound Em Getting out of this town C D G I'm gonna catch a greyhound back to you G C G I close my eye's but i can't seem to sleep C and the past rolls through my mind G D like a river cold and deep Em C morning comes, and the sky begins to rain It feels good to feel something, D Even if it's pain CHORUS Bm Em C D It's amazing how a tender voice, on the other end, of the phone Bm Em C can change your mind, your life, your plans just by sayin' D Daddy Please come home. Repeat CHORUS last chorus G Yes i'm gonna catch a greyhound Em Getting out of this town C D Em, I'm gonna catch a greyhound back to us C D I'm starting my life over on a greyhound bus G Em C D G comments, questions, request's let me know! Dave Welch