Guilty chords

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     This song is a lot of fun, and easy to sing along with..  I'm
pretty sure this is all right.. Sounds good to me at least, if it
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"Guilty" by "The Warren Brothers"

from their album "Beautiful Day in the Cold Cruel World"

Song Writers: Brad Warren/Brett Warren/Dave Berg
Transcribed By: Andrew Morgan

A               E
I told you when we first met
  D                  A        D
I don't want nothing serious 
You said "I understand" A E No commitment that's for sure D A D I always need that open door E That's just the way I am CHORUS: A D Now you say I can't make it, babe, without you A Is that how you see it? D Yeah yeah yeah A D And if you go I won't know how to forget about you, A Is that how you believe it D To be true? E A D If you're accusing me, of needing your sweet touch E A D D - D - D - D - D (damp) Accusing me of loving you too much (none) A Guilty D Yeah yeah A I-I'm guilty D (no words) A E And I never thought there'd be someone D A D who could ever do what you've done E Oh baby how'd you do it A E D You broke the walls around this heart A D you turned upside down E Like there was nothing to it Repeat chorus Andrew M Morgan ---

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