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Surviving Emily chords - Warren Brothers

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Surviving Emily Sheet music

Surviving Emily"
The Warren Brother~~~It's a Beautiful Day in the Cold Cruel World
Transcribed by Dave Welch

Capo 2  

Do a fast strum on the bottom 3 strings.  this is the beat 1 2 3
oppossed to 1 and 2 and 3 and 4........Understand?  IF not, llisten to
the CD.  here it is!!  this is one of my favorite songs!! it reminds me
of a girl i know.  ahh, so sad huh?  anyways, here it is!

Play your G chord and your Em chord like this..............
G                   Em
-3-                 -3-
-3-                 -3-
-0-                 -0-
-0-                 -2-
-2-                 -2-
-3-                 -0-
CAPO 2~~~

G        Em       G          Em         D            

Beyond the cost of Deisal fuel, and the tearin down of my old high school
I still think about her
The nations risin deficate, and my fatal crave for cigarettes
They all make me think about her

      C                       D
My life's one big catastrophe
       G                          Em
so don't expect too much from me
               C                  D  D
I'm just hangin on
Surviving Emily

G    Em      D  

My tee-shirt that she always wore, her makeup in the bathroom droor
I can't get away from her
Her perfume on my pillow case, when i close my eye's, i always see her
somtimes i wish i was blind

            Bm                 C
Oh Emily, can you hear me
          G                       D
I'm calling out your name
               Bm                       C
Rescue me, from these lonly days
and sleepless nights

they're driving me insain

Solo  (don't know the solo, i'm working on it.  THis is the guitar part
G                    Em                C                        D

I've tried to stop this endless search, even started going back to
church, but

I still feel the same

My friends they say i'm doin fine, it's just gonna take a little time

Oh yeah, nothin's changed

       C                        D
My life's one big catastrophe
       G                           Em
so don't expect too much from me
I'm just hangin on
Just hangin on
                    C                D   D
I'm barley hangin on
Surviving Emily

G                                                Em              D
Yeah Yeah Yeah, i'm barley hangin on
G                                                Em             D
Yeah Yeah Yeah, i'm barley hangin on

G                                                          Em         D

G                                                          Em         D

Em           D              G 

Comment's, questions, request's, let me know!!

Dave welch          I've got a Garth Brooks page, and am
starting a Warren Bros. page.  I'v met them, and i plan tp put up my
pictures, and a story, and all my tabs.  

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