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Country My Ass chords - Dale Watson

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F  C  G   C 

         C                                                 F
He ain’t even near 20 but he says he’s seen plenty of hard times
           G                                                  C
Cause he’s been on this bus for 5 days and in his hotel for 5 nights
        C                       C7                                F
And his satellite dish is ruined and the new band is treatin’ him mean
            G                                                     C
And there’s still another week to go and he misses his Karaoke machine

                   F                         C
That’s country, my ass, who do they think we am
                  G                             C
Force feed us that sh*t, ain’t you real tired of it
                     F                        C 
Tell ‘em stick it up high where the sun don’t shine
    G                                   C
Get p**sed, get mad, that’s country, my ass

D                                                   G
Now she’s out there too, she’s got her own secrets too
    A                                                        D
She can’t sing a lick and in a bucket she couldn’t carry her tune
      D                                                    G
She’s pretty as a picture and she’s sure got a nice set of lips
        A                                                                         D
And she misses her producer, slash boyfriend, who seduced her, er’ produced her a hit

Chorus in Key Of D

E                                            A
Now don’t get me wrong, to each his own I believe
         B7                                             E
But they took the soul out of what means a whole lot to me
E                                                                 A
‘Cause I can see Hank and Lefty, they’re spinning around in their graves
       B7                                                E
And if they were here now, I think y’all know what they’d say

Chorus in Key of E

Dale Watson ChordsDale Watson Lyrics

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