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I See My Future chords - Dale Watson

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                Dale Watson - I See My Future

G  Am

G                               Am
He walks around always with a smile
          C             D        G
I never knew how he was hurtin inside
G                                   Am  
One day I saw him crying over a photograph
          C                D              G
That was dog eared and tattered from the miles

He noticed me so he told me her name was rose
Then from a frown he forced a smile from ear to ear
He said she's the reason the good lord put me on this earth
Now I can't understand why she's gone and I'm still here

Key Change
A                                       Bm
He said rose left when she was in her prime
           D        E             A
so deep in love we made so many plans
    A                                  Bm
he said I'm livin but I ain't livin I just can't
          D          E            A
then I realized I recognized this man

   D                   E               D             A           
Lightin strikes sometimes twice fate deals the same hand
 D            E      D            E    
I've seen the future I see my future
  D             E         A         
I've seen my future in a man

Key Change
B                                                C#m
I sat down pulled out a picture that was bright and new
E                 F#           B
Taken just a few short months ago
       B                                   C#m
And I told him how the angels had taken you too
          E                 F#           B
Then we talked about our struggle to go on

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