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Alberta chords - Doc Watson

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Doc Watson Sheet music
Alberta: Doc Watson
Album: The Best Of Doc Watson (1964-1968)

Submitted by Gary W, 16 Aug 06
Worked out from recording
Note: I put in / marks to give you a basic sense of timing.
Each / simply means a down-strum.

(G)/// (Em)/// (G)/// (Em)///

Al-(G)-berta (Bm) let your (Am) hair (D) hang (G) low/// (Em)///
(Bm)/// (G)///

(G) I saw her first on an (D) April (G) morn'
As she walked through the (Bm) mist in a (C) field of (D) hay/// ///
Her (G) hair lit the world with its (C) golden (G) glow
And the smile on her (Bm) face/// (Am) burned my (D) heart
a-(G)-way/// (Em)/// (Bm)/// (Em)///

Al-(G)-berta (Bm) let your (Am) hair (D) hang (G) low/// (Em)///
(Bm)/// (Em)/// 
Al-(G)-berta let your (F) hair hang (D) low/// /// /// ///
I'll (C) give you more (Bm) gold than your (D) apron can (G) hold///
If you'll (G) only (Bm) let your (Am) hair (D) hang (G) low (Em)///
(Bm)/// (G)/// ///

(G) I thought my golden (D) time would (G) last
But the field of (Bm) hay was (C) soon cut (D) down/// ///
In a (G) short few weeks it (C) all was (G) past
And my golden (Bm) girl/// (Am) just a (D) painful (G) song///
(Em)/// (Bm)/// (Em)///

Al-(G)-berta (Bm) what's (Am) on (D) your (G) mind/// (Em)///
(Bm)/// (Em)///
Al-(G)-berta what's (F) on your (D) mind/// /// /// ///
My (C) heart is so (Bm) sad 'cause you (D) treat me so (G) bad///
Al-(G)-berta (Bm) what's (Am) on (D) your (G) mind/// (Em)///
(Bm)/// (Em)///
Al-(G)-berta (Bm) let your (Am) hair (D) hang (G) low/// (Em)/// (G)/

[Thanks to for tabs]

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