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Intoxicated Rat chords - Doc Watson

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Doc Watson Sheet music


This song was done by both Doc Watson and Hylo Brown and the Blue Ridge
Mountain Boys.  I've combined a few verses from each and came up with this
version.  I'm sure there is a few different ones floating around. Doc does
it in the key of F.  Hylo Brown does it in D.  I prefer D so D it is.

Anyway, this was my grandmother song.  So, I thought I might share it with
all in memory of Amy Lucas, my dear old grandmother.

Hope everyone gets as much out of it as I do when I play it.

Intoxicated Rat
Hylo Brown and the Blue Ridge Mountain Boys

[D]Well the other night when I came in
just as drunk as I could[G] be
Got[D] tangled up in the [G]old door latch
Fell[D] flat on the [A]floor as I could[D] be

I had a little ol' bottle of rum
And I did not have any[G]more
The[D] cap came off when I[G] fell down
And I[D] spilt it[A] in the [D]floor

Well a rat came out from his hiding place and
He got that whiskey[G] scent
He[D] ran right up and got [G]him a little shot
And[D] back to his[A] hole he [D]went

And back to his hole he went
And back to his hole he[G] went
He [D]ran right up and got a [G]little shot
And[D] back to his[A] hole he [D]went

Well he came out from his hole again
Trotted up to the rum on the[G] floor
With[D] a little bitty shine he [G]wink one eye
And[D] he got him[A] a little drink[D] more

Well he didn't go back to his hole that time
He stayed by the pool of[G] gin
He[D] said "Doggone, my pop[G]eyed soul,
I'm[D] a gonna [A]get drunk [D]again."

Well he didn't go back to his hole
He said "Doggone, my[G] soul,
I'm[D] only a rat but a [G]doggone cat
Can't[D] chase me[A] back to my[D] hole."

He washed his face with his front paws
And on his hind legs [G] sat,
And[D] he's a getting' pretty high when he[G]winked one eye
He [D]says, "Where's[A] that old [D]tom cat?"

Now where's that old tom cat?
I said, where's that old [G]tom cat?
He's[D] a getting' high when he winked[G] one eye
He[D] says where's[A] that old tom [D]cat.

The old tom cat come a slippin' in
Dashed over to the middle of the[G] floor
The[D] cat jumped over and the rat[G] got sober
And[D] he never[A] got drunk no[D] more.

He didn't get drunk no more
No he never got drunk no[G] more
The[D] cat jumped over and the [G]rat got sober
And[D] he never [A]got drunk no[D] more.

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