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Pick The Wildwood Flower chords

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            Pick The Wildwood Flower
By Gene Watson
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     G                                                           C 
Them Texas fields were hot and that tractor never was my kind of living
    A7                                                      D 
And when I hit sixteen, I had my size and I hit the road to freedom
        Dm                            G                                 C 
And I'm glad I wasn't there to see my momma cause she must've cried for hours
        G                              D                            G
I still hear her saying Gary, get your guitar and pick The Wildwood Flower

Now Dallas it was big and hard to find a job and so I didn't
It was easier to hitch a ride to Houston and it was more like living
Now I've been down every road and I've stood on every porch where they were giving
And if they had an hour or a dime, I would pick The Wildwood Flower

It's hard to turn around and look back down the roads that I have travelled
Cause like a neverending ball of twine, my dreams have come unravelled
And now as evening lays its shawl across the shoulders of my life I have defined
I couldn't tie my life together with the guitar strings and a poet's heart full of pride
Dm G C And I'm glad I wasn't there to see my momma cause she must've cried for hours G D G I still hear her saying Gary, get your guitar and pick The Wildwood Flower

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