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Don't Wanna Know Why chords - Whiskeytown

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song:  dont wanna know why
album:  Pneumonia 

C G/B ....Am G... F....... (2x)

C                                     F
Dont wanna know why you like me i don't care
C                                     F
Dont wanna know why i walk by and you stare
C                                      F
Dont wanna know why just to wanna know why
C                                        F
Dont wanna know why just to wanna know whyaee When I

C                                     Am
Breath in, Breath out. Carry on, Carry out.
G                           F
Try to. Drive through your life
C                                    Am
Breath in, breath out. Carry on, carry out.
G                      F
Try to, never say goodbye

Repeat Intro Chords

2nd vs
Dont wanna know how you're feeling I don't care
Dont wanna know where you'll meet me i'm not there
Dont wanna know why just to wanna know why (2x)

Repeat Chorus

Then The (AH Ah ) Part
Goes Like This I Think

(C) Ahh (G) Ah (Am) Ahh
(C) Ahh (G) Ah (Am) Ahh
(C) Ahh (G) Ah (Am) Ahh
(F)X 2

Then To Intro Chords

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