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Jacksonville Skyline chords - Whiskeytown

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Whiskeytown      Jacksonville Skyline  written by Ryan Adams

Well the banks of the river run through my hometown 
B                                         E
Born on the dirt roads, and i scr*ped my knees 
Well they paved the roads eventually 
B                                       E
With neon signs and car dealerships and diners 
F#                    G#m           E
The soldiers fill the hotels on the weekends 
F#               G#m        E      F#      B
I saw the pretty women as I walked through town 
Well I moved away soon as I turned sixteen 
B                                         E

Figured I was old enough to go and work a job 
Well i floated down main street pools of carlights 
B                                    E
Overcame me wishin' I was still back home
F#                    G#m           E
The soldiers fill the hotels on the weekends 
F#               G#m        E      F#      B
I saw the pretty women as I walked through town 
Jacksonville's a city with a hopeless streetlight 
B                                                 E
Seems like you're lucky if it ever changes red to green 
I was born in an abundance of inherited sadness 
B                                                E
With 50 cent picture frames bought at a five and dime 
F#           G#m            E
I ended up a soldier on the weekend 
F#            G#m       E
Looking for a vacancy I wasn't able to find 
F#                      G#m          E 
Somewhere the night sky hangs like a blanket 
F#               G#m            E 
Shoot it with my capgun just to make it 
E    F#   B 
Seem like stars 

>From Whiskeytown "Pneumonia"
Lost Highway Records 2001
Barland Music
Mike Daly - Guitars, Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, Dulcimer, Mandocello,
Mandolin, Keyboards and Backing Vocals 
Brad Rice - Guitars 
Jennifer Condos - Bass 
Richard Causon - Keyboards 
James Iha - Guitars & Backing Vocals 
Tommy Stinson - Guitars & Dobro 
James "Jumbo" Aumonier - Celeste 
Ethan Johns - Drums, Bass, Mandolin, Mandocello, Keyboards, Percussion
& Guitars
Caitlin Cary - fiddle and backing vocals
Ryan Adams - vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica

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Buy Whiskeytown CD

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