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Turn Around chords - Whiskeytown

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Whiskeytown             Turn Around   written by David Ryan Adams
                                                 Caitlin Cary 

David Ryan Adams     vocals/guitar
Phil Wandscher       guitar/organ/vocals
Caitlin Cary         violin/vocals
Steven Terry         drums/vocals
Jeff Rice            bass
Greg Leisz           steel guitar
John Ginty           keyboards

Fmaj7        Am   Fmaj7   Am   Fmaj7

Am9     Am                Fmaj7
Want to cross but I don't think I can
Am9           Am        Fmaj7
It's too weak here even where I stand
Am9                      Am       Fmaj7
Come here darling let me see you  hold my hand
          Am9              Am        Fmaj7
So we can mend your broken halo
G               Fmaj7
All I want from you
G               Fmaj7
All I want from you  is for you to
G    Fmaj7     G     Fmaj7    Am  Fmaj7   Am Fmaj7
Turn around    Turn  around
Am9     Am             Fmaj7
Want to damage    so I damaged it some
Am9               Am        Fmaj7
We use to have it all now I just got some
Am9                  Am                   Fmaj7 
Silent perfections   mystery  all easy to fall from your lips
        Am9             Am              Fmaj7 
All the while  lies are told to me  in shapeless secrets
G                F
All I want from you
G               F
All I want from you  is for you to
G    F         G     F        
Turn around    Turn  around
G    F       G    F
Turn around  turn around


Am9        Am    Fmaj7
Can't your turn around   
         Am9 Am  Fmaj7
Cant you turn   around
          Am9 Am  Fmaj7  
Can't you turn    around
              Am9 Am   Fmaj7
Why can't you turn     around
Fmaj7         Fmaj7
Turn around  turn around  turn around


From Whiskeytown  'Strangers Almanac'
Outpost Records 1997
Barland Music/Maggot Brain Music(BMI)

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Buy Whiskeytown CD

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