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Remedy tabs - William Clark Green

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William Clark Green Sheet music
Intro/Chorus (tab below)
A - Em - G - D
A - Em - D

Verse 1
I’m all strung out, got nothing left
I gotta get something off my chest
       A                  Em
That I miss you, Oh God I miss you

I’m addicting to things and I know I’m ill
I got a friend that sells some prescription pills 
      A                 G         D
To forget you, oh God I miss you

Pre-chorus 1 (not sure about the first line on the lyrics)
       E                                                      D - Dsus
Now we sat to paint a picture with my tears as I watched you leave
         E                             D  G
And this desperation's taking a toll on me

I need a remedy


Verse 2
I should have said something now you’re gone
So it rings in my head like a dialtone
Girl I love you, oh God I miss you

Yeah it brings me right back to our last fight 
and I wish I had the chance to say goodbye 
and to kiss you, oh God I miss you

Pre-chorus 2
So I brought a dozen roses and a prayer for your memory
and I put 'em on your grave for the love that’ll never be
I need a remedy

Chorus & solo (solo over chorus chords)

I’m all strung out got nothing left
I gotta get something off my chest

(when the band kicks in, play outro with chorus chords)

    A                  Em
I’m all strung out got nothing left
  G                   D
I gotta get something off my chest

(I play it all on one string to get the slide sound, but you can play it on
the G and D strings to stay closer on the frets)

William Clark Green ChordsWilliam Clark Green Lyrics

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