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She Likes The Beatles v2 chords - William Clark Green

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G                         C9          G
She likes the Beatles and I like the Stones
                                 D       G
She likes romantic movies I like Indiana Jones
                       C9         G
She goes to church and I stay at home
                             D          G
Oh she likes the Beatles and I like the Stones

Verse 1
   C9          G           D           G
We met on the river in the mid-morning light
    C9            G/B       D
She swears it was late afternoon
C9          G           D           Em7
She fell in love by the time it was night
    C9          D       G
But I didn’t give in till June
   C9         G     D         G  C9          G/B           D
Well not long after we said I do she had the nerve to move in
    C9           G         D            Em7                
She painted the walls she penned up my dog and 
    C9      D         G
she kicked out all of my friends


Verse 2
She burns through money like I burn through smokes
But she says that I need to quit
Cause if I die from cancer in 25 years
She’ll have to pay off the debt
        D                               G
No she don’t think I’m funny, she don’t laugh at my jokes
        C9          G/B          D
I could care less about all her shoes
   C9           G            D        Em7
My parents both hate her but it evens out
          C9           D       G
Cause her parents both hate me too


Solo (over verse chords)

Verse 3
C9            G           D          G
She brings me coffee when I’m workin late
C9           G/B         D
She lifts me up when I’m low
C9        G               D        Em7
She understands when I’m carrying weight 
       C9           D       G
That I just have to hold up alone
      C9             G            D            G
She’s determined and honest she’s stubborn and strong
    C9       G/B            D
And I always know where she stands
   C9       G            D            Em7
So it never bugs me when she’s always wrong
   C9            G              D          G
As long as she’s wrong with her hand in my hand

Solo 2

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William Clark Green
Buy William Clark Green CD

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