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Rose Queen chords - William Clark Green

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William Clark Green Sheet music
To get William's sound, play a G with your pinky on the high E string. 
When you are switching to the C, leave the high E string and move the rest 
of your fingers to the C.

G - 320003 
C - X30213

Intro chords:

G            C                   G              C
I was just a young man, A little wet behind the ears
G                  C                     G             C
She grew up at the country club with the diamond chandeliers
C                                          G     C  G  C
I worked at the feed store I was broke and naive
D                            C                    G
She was next in line for the crown to be the rose queen

I could get alcohol, she had a lot of cash
We'd watch the June bugs dance around while lying on the grass
I knew it wouldn't work out for a hayseed like me
But I couldn't resist to steal a kiss from the rose queen

   D                            C
My momma always told me she was too rich for my blood
    D                       C
Her daddy always said I was never good enough
D                            C                Am
She was just a southern bell lord I made her ring
F                               C              D
Soaking wet from beads of sweat busting at the seams


She went off to college I stayed my ass back home
She came back sororitized as a teenage debutant
Now she tries to act like she don't remember me
I guess I'm only good enough once I guess I'm only good enough once

For the rose queen for the rose queen
For the rose queen for the rose queen 

William Clark Green ChordsWilliam Clark Green Lyrics

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