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If I Could Do It All Again chords - Gretchen Wilson

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Gretchen Wilson Sheet music
If I Could Do It All Again
Gretchen Wilson

A                   F#m                          D
If could do it all again, I'd look more in the mirror 
F#m                 A               D 
Instead of finding someone else to blame
   A                  F#m                       D
If I could do it all again, I'd do a lot more prayin'
F#m                    A             C#m
Less cussin bout the things I can't change

      E             F#m    D                    A
I'd laugh a little louder,   sing more in the shower
D              Bm             E 
Care a little less if I'm in tune
A                    F#m                      D
Concentrate on who I am not who I might have been
Bm                E    A
If I could do it all again

A                     F#m                          D
If I could do it all again, I'd take it a little slower 
F#m               A               D
Make a few more memories I could keep 
A              F#m             D                 Bm
Crawl in bed beside my child, just lay down and watch her 
F#m              A               C#m
Soaking up the beauty while she sleeps 

     E         F#m   D            A
I'd work less hours,   buy more flowers 
D                  Bm         E 
Make more love on rainy afternoons
A                                F#m             D
I might make less money, but I'd make a better friend
Bm                E    A 
If I could do it all again

     C#m      F#m    D        A
I've made mistakes along the way, 
    E       F#m  C#m           E
But I thank god, it's not too late 

Instrumental: Bm-F#m-E-Bm-A-D

                A   F#m     D              A    
Walk a little taller   and talk a little smaller
     D       C#m            A     E
And love the way my maker made me to
A                             F#m       D
Then I'd never spend another minute wonderin'
            Bm                E    A
What I'd do if I could do it all again,

                  E    A 
If I could do it all again

Gretchen Wilson ChordsGretchen Wilson Lyrics

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