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When I Think About Cheating chords - Gretchen Wilson

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Gretchen Wilson Sheet music
Chords: A     x02220
        A/C#  x42220
        Bm    xx4432
        C#m   cc6654
        D     xx0232
        E     022100
        Fdim  xx3434
        F#m   244222

Intro: A D E A D A E

Ive never done anything 

A/C#                     D
That would ever bring a tear to your eye

Ive never crossed the line

                       A             Fdim
Or needed an alibi to cover up a lie

A                                            D                        
But darlin Ill admit, theres been times when i could have

But the thing that kept me strong

                                 A          E
Is the one thing that is always on my mind


When I think about cheating

I just think about you leavin

And how my world would fall to pieces

If I tossed your love away

             A       A/C#     D
Even when Im tempted by some stranger

                     C#m      F#m
Oh theres never any danger

                       Bm   A/C#  D
I just think about you le---av---ing

                   D    A          E
When i think about cheating

There was a time in Abilene

     A/C#                      D 
When he said all the things I wanted to hear

It was hard to turn him down

                                        A                  Fdim
Between the champagne and the sound of whispers in my ear

But it just took one

A/C#                      D     A/C#    Bm
Two-step with someone and I was missing you

He never had a chance, cause I broke up the dance

A                       E
Before the song was through


             A      A/C#      D
And when Im tempted by some stranger

                     C#m    F#m
Oh theres never any danger

                       Bm   A/C#  D
I just think about you le---av---ing

                    D   A
When I think about cheating

Outro: D E A D A

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