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I Will Be chords - Judd Wynonna

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                Song: I Will Be

Album: What The World Needs Now is Love

Artist: Wynonna

F#m- F sharp minor Bm- B minor

 Intro: F#m  E  F#m  E  F#m  E  F#m  E

 Verse: Been caught in a down pour
        Of a rain of stones
        F#m                E
        Felt like an exile in a world I had known
        F#m                     E
        So I sought the shelter of my own soul
        D                 Bm
        And stayed inside 
        F#m               E
        I found a comfort in placing blame
        F#m                     E
        I saw the hope that lay just beyond the pain
        F#m                     E
        The past is a prison and I won't wear those chains
        D               Bm
        And I won't hide

        I will be here 
        I will be strong
        F#m                D                    A
        I'll face my fears when the night is long
            E__D (E gets 3 counts and just hit the D)
        And still go on
        I will be brave
        I will be bold
        F#m             D                A
        Follow my faith, to a higher road
           E                      F#m       F#m E F#m E
        And I'm not there yet, but I will be
        F#m                          E

 Verse: I could chose to keep my feet upon the beaten path
        F#m                           E
        And never cross the open field for the one snake in the grass
        F#m                   E
        But I'd rather risk my heart than never get 
                     D            Bm
        the chance to find my way,to find my way


        Instrumental: F#m  E  F#m  E  F#m  E  D  E


        Chorus and fade out


Judd Wynonna ChordsJudd Wynonna Lyrics

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