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What The World Needs chords - Judd Wynonna

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                Intro Bm - D - A (4x's)


Bm                       D            A
I look around at all the faces and I see,
Bm             D       A                Bm
All the lonely people lookin back at me,
Bm                  D                   A
Rich, poor, don't matter we're all the same,
Everybody's hungry in a different way,
we're crawlin and climbin, 
Kickin, and screamin but really,

          Bm          D      A
What the world needs now is love,

Love and only love,
  Bm       D            A    
A little help from up above,

Fit to make a better day,
Bm          D      
Let's come together, 
Lay our differences down,
C                     G
Spread it all around,
                              A      Bm
(cause) that's what the world needs now,

Bm - D - A (2x's)

(verse 2)
Sometimes all it takes is just a smile,
To change somebody's weather,
Chase the clouds out of thier sky,
Well sometimes you got to give,
And not recieve,
Sometimes you got to live what you believe,
Open your arms, cause that's where it starts,
Right here with you and with me,

(go to chorus - lead)
(lead chords - Bm - D - A - Bm - D - A - E)

E                 B
Nobody likes the cold,
We all need someone to hold,
                    A - Am
No one wants to be alone,


What the world needs now is love,
Love and only love,
A little help from up above,
Fit to make a better day,
Let's come together, 
Lay our differences (Prejudices) down,
Spread it all around,
(cause) that's what the world needs now

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