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The Man I Want To Be chords - Chris Young

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Chris Young Sheet music
Intro: G-C-Dm-C-G
God, I'm down here on my knees
Cause it's the last place left to fall
G                                       D
Beggin' for another chance, if there's any chance at all
G                                   D                            G
That you might still be listenin' lovin' and forgivin' guys like me
Bm                               C
I've spent my whole life gettin' it all wrong
Bm                               C            D 
And I sure could use your help cause from now on

I wanna be a good man a 'do like I should' man
                D                               G 
I wanna be the kind of man the mirror likes to see
               C                               Em    Am
I wanna be a strong man and admit that I was wrong, man
                G                 D                         
God I'm asking you to come change me
To the man I wanna be 

G                                 D
There's anyway for her and me to make another start
           G                                 D
Could you see what you could do to put some love back in her heart
          G                            D                               G
Cuz' it going to take a miracle after all I've done to really make her see

G                   C                       G 
That I wanna be a statement, I wanna be a great man
                D                                 G 
I wanna be the kind of man that she sees in  her dreams
                  C                      Em   Am
God, I wanna be your man, and I wanna be her man
             G                 D                       C                     
God, I only hope she still believes in the man I wanna be

         G                                     D
Well, I know this late at night that talk is cheap
Em     Am              D
Lord, don't give up on me

Inst. C-G-D-G
               C                               Em    Am
I wanna be a givin' man, I wanna really start livin' man
                 G                 D-C-D
God, I'm asking you to come change me 
To the man I wanna be

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