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Candy Apply Red chords - Bill Anderson

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                written by Houston Turner

C                            G7               C
He came speeding through the town each day at sundown
                        F           C     
And his car was painted candy apple red
       F                                 C 
He was coming there to see the sheriff's daughter
And the sheriff didn't know it so they said

         C              G7                     C
Time and time again the sheriff tried to catch him
                      F          C
But he always speeded up and got away
         F                             C
That old county jail stood patiently a waiting
                           G7                 C
And the sheriff vowed he'd put him there some day

                F                      C
Well there goes candy apple red that's what the people said
      G7                              F            C
If he doesn't slow it down a bit he's gonna end up dead
        F                             C
And the sheriff's daughter said she'd rather end up dead
        G7                           C
Than to live without her candy apple red

                       G7                 C
So the sheriff built a barricade to catch him
                        F             C
And he sat there at the limits of the town
        F                              C
But the sheriff's daughter had already met him
And had married him before the sun went down

         C               G7              C
When the sheriff saw him coming down the highway
                              F                  C
He saw they couldn't stop and quickly caught his breath
        F                             C
As they crashed the barricade the car exploded
                     G7                C        
And the boy and girl went to a flaming death

Repeat #3

Bill Anderson ChordsBill Anderson Lyrics

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