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Corner Of My Life chords - Bill Anderson

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                written and recorded by Bill Anderson

C                     F           G7                 C
I'm not looking for a sweetheart  just a gentle lady friend
                     G7                              C
Someone I can softly turn to  when I need to now and then
                        F                              C
When my head gets kinda tangled  and my soul is laying bare
                    G7                                        C
I reach over in the corner of my life  and I find you waiting there

                      F                            C
You're a number I can phone  you're a letter I can write
                         G7                            C
You're my water when I'm thirsty  in the middle of the night
                         F                          C
You're a warm and tender body  you're a woman not a wife
                         G7                           C
And just knowing you has brightened  the corner of my life

                          F        G7                         C
There's a special kind of feeling  when we're simply touching hands
                          G7                            C
There's a special kind of comfort  knowing someone understands
                         F                           C
I'm no knight in shining armor  I'll never carry you away
                          G7                                       C
But you're filling up the corner of my life  in the nicest kind of way

Repeat #2
                             G7                               C
I can’t count the way you've brightened all the corners of my life

Bill Anderson ChordsBill Anderson Lyrics

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