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Po Folks chords - Bill Anderson

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Recorded by Bill Anderson
Words and music by Bill Anderson

There's a [G] whole lot of people lookin' [D7] down their noses at [G] me
'Cause I didn't come from a [D7] wealthy fami-[G] ly
There were [C] ten of us livin' in a [G] two-room shack
On the [D7] banks of the river by the [G] railroad tracks
We [C] kept chickens in a [G] pen in the back
And ever'body said we were [D7] Po' Folks. ...

My [G] daddy was a farmer, but [D7] all he ever raised was [G] us
He dug a forty-foot well, struck [D7] thrirty-six gallons of [G] dust
The [C] Salvation Army gave us [G] clothes to wear
A [D7] man from the County came to [G] cut our hair
We [C] lived next door to a [G] millionaire
But [D7] we wasn't nothin' but [G] Po' Folks.

We was [C] Po' Folks livin' in a [G] rich folks world
We [D7] sure was a hungry [G] bunch
If the [C] wolf had ever come to [G] our front door
[A7] He'd a had to brought a [D7] picnic lunch.

My [G] granddaddy's pension was a [D7] dollar and thirty-three [G] cents
That was ten dollars less than the [D7] landlord wanted for [G] rent
The [C] landlord's letters got [G] nasty, indeed
He [D7] wrote: "Get out!", but [G] Pa couldn't read
And [C] we were too broke, to [G] even pay heed
But [D7] that's how it is, when you're [G] Po' Folks.


But [G] we had somethin' in our [D7] house, money can't [G] buy
Kept us warm in the winter, [D7] cool when the sun was [G] high
For [C] whenever we didn't have food [G] enough
And the [D7] howlin' winds, would [G] get pretty rough
We [C] patched the cracks and set the [G] [S-P] table with 'Love'
'Cause [D7] that's what you do, when you're [G] Po' Folks;

And [D7] we wasn't nothin' but [G] Po' Folks
My [D7] mom and my dad was [G] Po' Folks
My [D7] brother and my sister was [G] Po' Folks [FADE]
My [D7] dog and my cat was [G] Po' Folks
And [D7] even the Po' Folks was [G] Po' Folks.


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