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Every Time I Turn The Radio On chords - Bill Anderson

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                written and recorded by Bill Anderson
C                                   F
Every time I turn the radio on some cat's singing a happy song
        C                                              G7
About a woman who wakes him up every morning and loves him
Scrambles his eggs and unscrambles his life 
Butters his toast with a golden knife
          C                    G7         C
Bears his kids and nearly bout all of his burdens
And I just sit there staring at the wall wondering how I missed it all
     C                                       G7
I've been out half of the night and I'm hung over
Nobody woke me rubbing my feet 
Just the sound of a jackhammer out in the street
             C                    G7       C
And this ole room ain't exactly a field of clover
                             F                                 C
Am I the only tavern-hopping beer-can-popping fool left in the world
                             F                         C
Am I the only sad-and-lonely meek-weak-freak without a girl
No one to love and make me happy call me baby or call me pappy
Am I the only low-and-lonely woman-needing jukebox-feeding
Suffering son of a gun left in the world
Every time I turn the radio on some cat's singing a happy song
      C                                         G7
About the woman who serves him love on a silver platter
Makes his coffee sweet and warm 
Holds him in her loving arms
              C                   G7         C
I look in the mirror and I wonder what's the matter
Repeat #3

Bill Anderson ChordsBill Anderson Lyrics

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