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A Grain Of Salt chords - David Ball

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                D   G    D   A

                D         G          D      G
You caged the wild man that raged inside me
                 D   D/C#     Bm                 Em   A
Took a hell bent cowboy made his hands sure and steady
       D                      G            D D/C# Bm
But today when you walked out what was I gonna do
    Bm/A              Em             A           D
But reach for the closest thing I could hold on to


                   G                       D
I'm takin this heartache with a grain of salt
                    A                      D  
A little lime and tequila as the teardrops fall
               G                 D       D/C#      Bm
And I'm gonna sit here until I chase every memory off
  Bm/A          Em        A           D
Takin this heartache with a grain of salt

D   G    D    A

                D         G            D    G  
Sittin in the shadows as the sun goes down
               D     D/C#         Bm      Em    A  
A little loose change will buy  another round
                 D           G                D D/C# Bm
Oh come tommorow mornin there'll be a high price to pay
  Bm/A          Em              A
Oh but thats alright because tonight I ain't felling no 


D   G

                D           G      D      D/C#     Bm
Yeah I'm gonna sit here until I chase every memory off
   Bm/A         Em            A        D
Takin this heartache with a grain of salt

David Ball ChordsDavid Ball Lyrics

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