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She Always Talked About Mexico chords - David Ball

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                Capo 2

D        F#m           G
She blew into this old one horse town
G              A              D
Like something we ain't never seen
D            F#m              G 
And Old Bill hired her at the Sundown Grill
G                              A 
She tied that apron 'round her jeans
G                           D  
I started hanging out there every night
G                         A
Just to hear her talk and laugh
D          F#m              G
I couldn't help but fall in love with her
A                              D
I should've known it wouldn't last

D                       G    
She always talked about Mexico
A                              D          Bm 
I never thought that she would really go
Bm                             G
Thought my love could make her settle down
A                     D
I guess I know better now
D                                       G 
She's probably living down there by the sea
A                              D   Bm
I wonder if she ever thinks of me
Bm                       G
One morning she was gone like the wind
A                           D
She won't be back this way again

Old Bill could tell that I was missing her
As he poured me a drink
Said if you put a wild bird in a cage
You'll break it's will to sing
If that's true then she's better off
Still out there wild and free
So I bought straight tequila all around
Said,"Boy,here's to her memory"


She won't be back this way again
She won't be back this way again
Oh, back this way again
Back this way again

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