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I'm Just A Country Boy chords - David Ball

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I sit for hours up above the town me and my old blue tick
hound on a summer night got you on my mind
From time to time he tries to cheer me up but so far he
ain't had much luck nothing he can do got these doggone
    G  D/F# Em
                   Bm           C    Em           Bm
Moonlight shinin down on the river I remember swimmin 
   C       Em                     Bm      C    Am  
together down on main theres a picture show all those
nights on the very last row


   C                                                G
I'm just a country boy this is how a country boy misses you
thinkin bout the better days turnin back the memories
         G   D/F#  Em                    Bm        C
 thats all I do I spend my days where we used to go
   Am                         D                Am
 shootin tin cans off that old fence post I'm just a 
                   D/B           C                G
country boy and this is how a country boy misses you

This morning we drove by your house I could't help but 
stop and get out saw your mama smile said how ya doin
child how bout somthin ice cold to drink no I ain't heard
                                G                      D/F#
from her all week I'll tell her hi tell her you stopped by
 Em               Bm      C     Em   
Fine ma'am I'll be on my way drove the back roads the 
 Bm          C   Em                  Bm       C    Am     
rest of the day it dead ended in a field of corn I hung my
head and laid on the horn



G       D/F#   Em                     Bm         C 
I guess these small town dreams will never come true
 Am                    D
That big city's got a hold on you

(solo)  C         G  C   G D/F# Em

                Bm       C           Am                D
Spend my days where we used to go shootin tin cans off an
                             Am               D/B
old fence post I'm just a country boy and this is how a
country boy misses you
Misses you 

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