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When The Thought Of You chords - David Ball

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I transposed this song because of a special girl in my life who I'm
reminded of every time I hear it.  Wherever she may be right now, you
can be sure I'm thinking of her.

When the thought of you catches up with me
By:  David Ball

Key of G

Intro: (play around a G chord that looks like this:) ___________
                                                     | | | | | |
|-----------------------------------------------     | x | | | |
|-----------3-----0-----------------------------     x | | | x x
|-----2-----------------------------------------   (play it a couple of
|--3--------------------------------------------   times throughout

It can happen any mo [C] ment, [D] without reason or [G] rhyme.
It might be right around the [C], [D] or it'll come up from be [G] hind.
A picture that I [C] thought would fade,
[D] but I still clearly [G] see  D  Em  C  G
When the thought of [C]you [D] catches up with [G] me.

It can happen on a [C]Sunday drive, [D] sky above the shade of [G] blue.
Headin' down some lonesome [C] highway, [D] then you come into [G] view.
Mile after [C] mile goes by
[D] But you're all I [G] see  D  Em  C  G  
When the thought of [C] you [D] catches up with [G] me.

[C] When the thought of [D] you comes to [G] mind,
It'll [Em] carry me a [A] way to a better place in [D] time.

It can happen in the [C] dead of night, [D] or any day of the [G] week.
Sometimes you'll come [C] find me, [D] when I'm in bed a [G] sleep.
And I'll have that [C] dream about you
[D] And I sure love what I [G] see  D  Em  C  G
When the thought of [C] you [D] catches up with [G] me.
When the thought of [C] you [D] catches up with [G] me
When the thought of [C] you [D] cathces up..... with [G] me.

OUTRO- same as INTRO

*******   *   *     *     *
   *     * *   *   * *   *
*  *    *****   * *   * *
****   *     *   *     *       Jason A. Wendtland

David Ball ChordsDavid Ball Lyrics

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