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The Seventh Angel chords - Blue Highway

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                The Seventh Angel as recorded by Blue Highway
Thanks to Chris for the words and recording.

Capo 3rd Fret

(Dm) I am the (F) lamb of (G) God, the (C) seven seals are in my (Dm) hand 
I  sit beside the (F) fath-(G)-er, the (C) Lord and ruler (G) over all the (Dm) land 
The mysteries of (F) heav-(G)-en have (C) all been revealed to (Dm) me
The time is drawing (F) near at (G) hand for the (C) seventh angel (G) all the world to (Dm) see

With (F) one foot (G) on the (F) land, and one (G) on the (Dm) sea
He'll (F) swear with his (G) hand raised (Dm) high
Time no (F) longer can (G) be

Instrumental – Follow pattern of first two lines in first verse

I (Dm) am the seventh (F) an-(G)-gel, the (C) time is near for me to (Dm) fly
I'll come before the (F) fath-(G)-er, the (C) one who will be (G) seen by every (Dm) eye
There'll be silence in (F) heav-(G)-en be-(C)-fore the seven trumpets (Dm) sound
Then music like (F) thun-(G)-der (C) right before the (G) time that I come (Dm) down

 With (F) one foot (G) on the (F) land, and one (G) on the (Dm) sea
I'll (F) swear with my (G) hand raised (Dm) high
Time no (F) longer can (G) be

With (F) one foot (G) on the (F) land, and one (G) on the (Dm) sea
I'll (F) swear with my (G) hand raised (Dm) high
Time no (F) longer can (G) be

Instrumental ending - Follow pattern of entire first verse and then start 
to repeat its last line and then start fading out when you reach the 
first (G), staying in (G).

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