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Uncle Fred chords - Blue Highway

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                Uncle Fred by Blue Highway
Thanks to Chris for the words and recording.

Intro – Follow pattern of first verse

(G) Uncle Fred, how (Am) are you set, for (C) candy bars and ciga-(D)-rettes
(Am) Overalls and (C) kerosene, baseball caps and maga-(D)-zines
(G) Let's all go to (Am) Brown's today, (C) don't need a map to find the (D) way
(C) Sit on the porch and (G) smoke a few, there's (C) nothing else I'd (D) rather (G) do

*(D) Tell me 'bout the (G) time you went, to (C) Chuckey school for (Am) fifteen (D) cents
*You saw A.P. and (Am) Sara too, heard (C) Mother Maybelle (D) play that (G) tune

1st part - Plays to the tune of 'You Are My Flower' (G) (D) (G)
2nd part - Follow pattern of two lines directly above*

(G) Uncle Fred (Am) recalls the day, he (C) left the farm and moved a-(D-way
(Am) sailed across the (C deep blue sea, Panama to Waiki-(D-ki
**(G) Served his country, (Am) did his time, (C) still got the pictures in his (D) mind
**(C) Scolfield Barracks, (G) Diamond Head, (C) "What a time," he (D) smiled and (G) said

Instrumental – Follow pattern of two lines just above**

(G) Uncle Fred and (Am) R.G. too, (C) have a seat and tell a (D) few
(Am) Been working on that (C) car today, it's out of gas and by the (D) way
(G) Just whittle on that (Am) stick a while, (C) every now and then he'd (D) smile
(C) Calloused hands, a (G) pocket knife, (C) tobacco farmer (D) all his (G) life

(G) Uncle Fred has (Am) passed away, I (C) came to see his grave to-(D)-day
(Am) "What a time," I (C) smiled and said, still got the pictures (D) in my (G) head

Instrumental Ending
(G)              (D)     (G)   (C) (G) (D) (G)   do twice
(G)              (D)     (G)   (C) (G) (D) (G)   do twice

Blue Highway ChordsBlue Highway Lyrics

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Blue Highway
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