Revenge Of A Middle-aged Woman chords - Byrd Tracy

Byrd Tracy Lyrics

            Note: n.c. means no chord


I was looking for a cheap car in the Sunday classifies
When an ad jumped out and hit me right between my bugged out eyes
It was a two year old mercedes for 700 bucks
I couldn't make my trembling fingers dial that number fast enough
      A                                 G
The woman who picked up the phone said yes it's still for sale
But I've had about a 1000 calls so you better move your tail
when I drove up that long driveway with cash there in my hands
she met me at the garage in a short skirt and a tan
when we took it for a test drive I couldn't believe my luck 

She said,
I'll throw in them Arnold Palmer golf clubs there in the trunk A G none of this was making sense but then it dawned me n.c. when she referred as her old man as that cheatin' s.o.b. CHORUS: G It's a was a classic case of a woman scorn D She'll make that man wish he had never been born G She a forty something year old judge and jury A G F D Hell has no fury like revenge of a middle-aged wo-man D So she took me out to breakfast put it on his credit card D And by the time they poured the coffee she was pouring out her heart G Stories of his sneaking round and sorted escapades D Secretaries waitresses and bimbos half his age A G She said you know there is one thing I ought to thank him for n.c. But he ticked me off so much I put new locks on the doors to chorus, lead G D G A, D I believe good wine and woman get better with time D And if you ask me that man's a fool or else he must be blind G I'll never know his motives can't get inside his head D n.c. but I'm driving that Mercedes and I'm sleeping in his bed to chorus, to ending ENDING: F A G D Revenge of a middle-aged wo-man "I know I ought to feel guilty about something I just cant't think of what it might be"

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