Ten Rounds Of Jose Cuervo chords - Tracy Byrd

Tracy Byrd Lyrics

Tracy Byrd
"Ten Rounds" Album - RCA Records 2001
"Ten Rounds of Jose Cuervo"
transcribed by Bryan Williams

This is the title track from Byrd's latest album.  It is by far his best 
display of talent and maturity.  It probably won't get the respect and air 
time that his earlier albums did, but neither did his last album "It's About 
Time".  This song is very easy and would be a great beginner song for those 
just learning to play.  Learn this one and play it at all your gigs, it'll 
be just as common as "Margaritaville" in 20 years, and will probably take 
the place of "Watermelon Crawl" as the crowd's favorite.



G                                     C
I walked in and the band just started, singer couldn't carry a tune in a 
G                                    D
On a mission to drown her memory but, I don't know with all this ruckus, but after G C One round of Jose Cuervo, I caugth my boot tappin along with the beat, and after G D Two rounds of Jose Cuervo, that band was sounding pretty darn good to me (repeat chord pattern) Then some stranger asked me to dance, and I revealed to her me two left feet Said don't get me wrong I'm glad you asked but tonight's about me and an old memory, but after Three rounds of Jose Cuervo, I let her lead me out on the floor, and after Four rounds of Jose Cuervo, I was showing off moves never seen before Bridge (same progression) Well around Five around Six, I forgot what I came to forget And after round Seven or was it Eight, I bought around for the whole dang place, but after Nine rounds of Jose Cuervo, they were countin me out and I was about to give in, and after Ten Rounds of JOSE CUERVO....I lost count and started again, and after (START THE COUNTDOWN AGAIN LEAVING OUT THE STORY, AND DON'T STOP UNTIL EVERYONE IS SINGING ALONG..OR THE BOTTLE GOES DRY)

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