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Easy Come, Easy Go chords - Hayes Carll

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                Capo 3 
C/B - x20010 
Jamie was a barmaid at the Underground Longrail 
Seems like every Friday evenin' 
She'd find herself in jail 
Not a friend this side of Houston 
With the time to throw her bail 
              F               G  
But she'll be fine, she'll be fine 
Spent a lifetime walkin' 
Through the walls of a broken home 
Not a man round here still standin 
For the girl to call her own 
Every time she tried to hold him 
She just ended up alone 
But there's still time, there's still time 
Davey drove a taxi through the streets of Boston town 
Like the billboards up above him 
The world just wore him down 
Only soul he'd ever cared for 
Was the one he'd never found 
But he'll be fine, he'll be fine 
Broken half of winter with a wind chill ten below 
Davey sittin in is kitchen laughin' 
'Bout how the world had done him so 
Then the postman burst his bubble 
With a letter from below 
And now it's time, now it's time 
       F             G      C      C/B     Am  
And there's a lot of people runnin' around 
F         C                 G 
Not quite sure which way to go 
F          G    C       C/B     Am   
But as for me I think I finally found 
F              G             C     G 
It's just easy come and easy go     Jamie grabbed a bottle threw her apron on the bar 
Packed her whole world in a suitcase 
And tossed it in the car 
Woke up in Texarkana 
Wonderin' how she got this far 
And on her own, on her own 
Stranger at the motel let Jamie stay for free 
She was gone before the daybreak 
On her way to Tennessee 
Lookin' to make the whole world over 
Into a place she wants to be 
But not alone, not alone 
Davey left his taxi in the bottom of a Beantown lake 
He said this whole world's full of chance 
And this is one I gotta take 
So he caught the line to Nashville 
To finally find his break 
And make a home, make a home 
As the train flew out of Boston, his whole world passed him by 
He said I spent a lifetime runnin' 
And now's the time to try 
If I can't find someone to hold me 
My dreams will surely die 
And I'll be gone, I'll be gone 
When Davey hit the pavement 
the sky was almost grey 
He lit a smoke off of the sidewalk 
To drive the storm away 
And when Jamie turned the corner 
With the world upon her brow 
Davey said I must be dreamin' 
How could this happen now 
And then she walked right towards him 
Looked him right up in the eye 
Davey reached out for forever 
And Jamie walked on by 

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