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Sit In With The Band chords - Hayes Carll

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                Sit In With The Band
Hayes Carll

I been drinking all day for a livin' 
     C                    G
been dreaming bout movin' on

Seems like every little thing I 
             A                    D
do they been putting in a country song
      G                        C                 G
And I saw you on the TV man is that some kind of joke
         C                        G
You been making a killing off the shoes I'm filling 
      D                     G
while I'm sitting here gone broke
      C                     G
So as long as we're trading favors 
         C               G
a little pleasure for my pain
       C              G
Let me stand up there just one time 
    A                D
and here 'em call my name
My friends all think I'm crazy 
and my mamma wouldn't understand
But just one time before I die 
          D               G
I want to sit in with the band

C  G  D  G

Well I know it must be something 
     C              G
your talent or your style

Your hundred dollar blue jeans 
        A              D
or your million dollar smile
But I don't need me no gold records 
        C       G
I don't need no limousines
        C                  G
I don't need to tear up my dressing room 
        D               G
with no Beaumont beauty queens

            C                     G
And I don't care if its backwoods country 
        C           G
I don't care if its rock and roll
        C                               G
I don't care if it's humming through my old tin roof 
   A              D
or playin' on the radio
My friends all think I'm crazy 
and my mama wouldn't understand
But just one time before I die 
          D               G
I want to sit in with the band  
C  G  C  G  C  G  A  D  G  C  G  D  G


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