Flowered Dresses chords - Slaid Cleaves

            Capo 4 

Intro - G - C - Em7 - D  


She was leaning long legged 
'neath a bottle cap sign 
     Em7                  D 
Of a country store with a coke and a smile 
the coolest place to linger 
on an Arkansas day 
         Em7             D 
when she saw him passing by 
He said "I'll take you back to Texas" 
Said "my name is Ray" 
          Em7                       D 
where the stars are bigger than the Hit Parade 
And she stopped dreamin' her dream C and she started dreamin' his Em7 D Traded in her childhood Chorus C D G She wore flowered dresses for him C D G Rolled her hair, scrubbed her freckled skin C D On the chance that they were goin' out tonight G G/F# C Catch a show, maybe grab a bite C D G and she looked real nice, She looked real nice Verse Sometimes I think about my daddy and his old spice grin, Cleaned pressed shirts, and a farmers tan She never asked him questions So he never told her lies but I heard my mama cry some And I was sitting in the hallway on the night he left huggin my knees, holding my breath I never knew why but he was damn sure gone thought it was maybe my fault Chorus Verse Now the evening is just starting to chill a bit with the fireflies in flight over the trees and it Brings to mind the glider where she used to sit And count the headlights on the highway So I think of where you're goin' Where you are tonight What you might have seen, since I last saw those eyes. I know that I can't win, If I do not play But this whole thing scares me Chorus C D G and she looked real nice, She looked real nice