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Without Her chords by Slaid Cleaves

Slaid Cleaves Chords

(Capo on 3)

Intro.:  |(D)(A)|(Bm)(G)|(D)(A)|(D)

Every (D)walk down the (A)street, every time I (Bm) sit down to (G)eat
There's no more (D)taste, it's all a (A)waste, with-(D)out her

I go to the (D)bar, but it's no (A)good, there's nothing (Bm)left in this neighbor-(G)hood
I'll ramble (D)on, I'll be (A)gone with-(D)out her (D7)

When the (G)world turned from color to (D)black and white
I swear the (Bm)stars were afraid to come (A)out at night

Every (D)sunrise and (A)set, every little (Bm)chord I can (G)fret
Is just a little (D)dimmer, a (A)glimmer, with-(D)out her

Solo  |(D)(A)|(Bm)(G)|(D)(A)|(D)

Every (D)whisky I (A)take, every (Bm)night I lie a-(G)wake
I'm over-(D)come, I'm (A)undone, with-(D)out her

Surrounded by (D)strangers, that's (A)me, alone in this (Bm)world, on a deep blue (G)sea
This carrying (D)on, just feels (A)wrong, with-(D)out her (D7)

How can (G)just one less person (D)being here
Make so (Bm)much faith and happiness just (A)disappear

Every (D)whisky I (A)take, every (Bm)night I lie a-(G)wake
I'm over-(D)come, I'm (A)undone, with-(D)out her

Outro.:  |(D)(A)|(Bm)(G) --- |(D) ----

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