No Angel Knows chords - Slaid Cleaves

 No Angel Knows
 Written by: Slaid Cleaves
 CD: No Angel Knows
 Contributed by: Michael Gaither /
 No Angel Knows
 (G)On a desert highway in an old Chevrolet
 My engine (C)died trying to get a(G)way
 Thinking of the consequence of the road I chose
 Now (C)I know what (D)no angel (G)knows
 (G)She was no angel, a woman of the world
 I thought (C)learned from this mystery (G)girl
 She pulled a diamond from this heart of coal
 Now (C)I know what (D)no angel (G)knows
 No angel (C)knows the shame of (G)broken vow
 No angel (C)knows the suffering of (G)love
 No angel (C)knows the sins of a (G)fallen man
 Now (C)I know what (D)no angel (G)knows
 (G)I held her close with all my might
 I held her (C) ‘til her face turned (G)white
 My heart sleeps where the cold wind blows
Now (C)I know (D)what no angel (C)knows (G)Faith walks on water, hope brings it home I never (C)thought I’d end up (G)alone Now (C)I know what (D)no angel (G)knows (G)I once had a true heart That was long ago Now I (C)know, now I (D)know Repeat chorus (G)I once had a true heart That’s how it goes Now (C)I know what (D)no angel (G)knows