Key Ring chords - Slaid Cleaves

 Key Ring
 Written by: Slaid Cleaves
 CD: Broke Down
 Contributed by: Michael Gaither /
 (G)I had plenty of keys on my key ring
 A beautiful home I had every(D)thing
 With a lovinâ (C)wife and a car to (G)drive
 I came home from work (D)every day at five
 (G)And one by one I started losinâ them keys
 My darling wife I just couldnât (D)please
 My boss got ©on my nerves one (G)day
 I knew that I (D)was on my way
 I lost my (C)wife, I lost my (G)home
 Quit my (D)job, and set out a(G)lone
 With just one (C)key on my key (G)chain
 Iâm gonna (D)start all over a(G)gain
 (G)She finally decided  we just couldnât be
 She wanted things I just couldnât (D)see
She said, Iâm (C)tired of waiting a(G)roundä She took the last (D)train out of town Repeat chorus (G)Well the bankers came and took the key to my home Just one key left from all I ever (D)owned Iâm turning that (C)key lettinâ out the (G)clutch I never did like this (D)town that much Repeat chorus