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Crooked Jack chords - Nickel Creek

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                Capo 1

Intro:  Em  D  Bm    Asus2  G  F#m  (4x)

  G              Bm
A blacksmith courted me
     Em                Asus2
Nine months and better
   C                   Bm
He fairly won my heart
         D           Em   D
He wrote me a letter
          G            Asus2
With his hammer in his hand
   Em              F#m  B7
He looked quite clever
       G     Bm      D   C#
And if I was with my love
        C        D  Em  D  Bm  Asus2  G  F#m
I would live for-ev-er

Come Irishmen, both young and stern
With adventure in your soul
There are better ways to spend your days
             D      Em
Than working down a hole

           G                  Bm
     I was tall and true, all of 6 foot 2
              C                   F#m
     But they broke me across the back
           C                             D
     By a name I'm known but it's not my own
          Em      D       Asus2
     They call me Crooked Jack

But where's my love gone
With his cheeks like roses
And his good black Billycock on
Decked around with primroses
I fear the blazing sun
Will shine and burn his beauty
And if I was with my love
I would do my duty

The ganger's blue-eyed boy was I
Big Jack could do no wrong
And the reason simply was because
I could work hard hours and long


(solos)  Em  D  C  D (4x)

        Em              D
Strange news is come to town
        C       D   Em
Strange news is carried
        Em              D
Strange news is come to town
        C       D   Em
That my love is married
Oh I wish them both much joy
Though they can't hear me
And may God reward them well
For the slighting of me

And I've seen old men before their time
Their faces drawn and gray
But I never thought so soon would be mine
Be lined in the self same way

   G            Bm
Do you remember when
    Em           A7
You lay beside me
        C                Bm
And you said you'd marry me
    B7          Em  Em6
And not deny me
     D              Em
If I said I'd marry you
(Em)(D) C              D  
 It was only for to try you
(C)Em            D     Bm
So bring your witness love
          C   D   Em
And I'll not deny you

(vocalized chord)


(This riff is a work in progress, and I'll put the rest up once I figure it all
Em  D  Bm  Bb  Cm  C#  Bm  Asus2  Asus2  D  C#  Bm  Asus2

        Em              D
1: They say that honest toil is good
        C              D
For the spirit and the soul
      Em                     D
But believe me boys it's for sweat and blood
          C            D
That they want you down a hole
      G                  Bm
I was tall and true, all of 6 foot 2
         C                   F#m
But they broke me across the back 
     C                              D
By a name I'm known but it's not my own
     Em      D       Em
They call me Crooked Jack

      Em             D
2: No witness have I none
     C          D
Save God Almighty
        Em            D
And may he reward you well
        C            D
For the slighting of me
    G                 Bm
Her lips grew pale and wan
   C                    F#m
It made a poor heart to tremble
   C                        D
To think she loved a one
       E         D  Em
And he proved decietful

Okay... I think that's it.

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