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Melvin Is Locking Doors chords - Nickel Creek

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                LOCKING DOORS

I tabbed this off of some TV show that Nickel Creek was on, and there were all 
these bits of interviews that were strewn about throughtout the song, so I did 
all I could but just couldn’t catch the chorus.

“Anybody seen the movie ‘As Good As It Gets’?  Just to explain, this song that 
I wrote is sung in the first person, and unfortunately, the main character in 
‘As Good As It Gets’ had some serious issues.  He was obsessive compulsive for 
one, but in addition to that he was a homophobe and then also didn’t like women 
which doesn’t really leave you with anything.  So I just wanted to preface this 
song so that you would know that the views expressed in this song are not those 
of mine or Nickel Creek’s.”  ~Chris Thile

INTRO  (Am) (E) 2x

(Am) Locking doors, spotless pores
(E) Finding comfort in a total bore
The (Bb7) number four, genealogic lore
(E) Doesn’t feel good unless I’ve felt it before (Am) (E)

The neighbor’s gay, shouldn’t be that way
I’m gonna treat him like a person but not today
When I’m old and gray and he’s dying of AIDS
Guess I’d best better remind him to pray

(Dm) Melvin is (?) locking doors (?) (?)
(?) Makes every (?) thing a (?) chore (?)
Don’t (E) really care no more
Melvin is locking doors (Am) (E)

Locking doors, salting sores
When one wimp winces you’ll win the wars
Show me some gore, man I’m so hardcore
But it doesn’t feel good unless I’ve felt it be-
Doesn’t feel good unless I’ve felt it before
(E) Melvin is (F) lock (E) ing (Am) doors

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