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Echo (Maybe Tonight) chords - Bleu Edmondson

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                Verse 1: 
The sinners and the saints and the suicide girls 

Passion into darkness and the pawnshop pearls 
      E                          F#m   
One place, one time, one love, we owned the night 
And the tender souls wondered where the faith had all gone 

And the neon on Lamar came rumbling on 
     E                                        F#m 
We swore they wouldn't take us down without a fight 
 D                               E 
Hopeless hearted hunters waging war on the stars 
     A                            D 
We cheered the revolution from a rooftop bar 
     D                   A                      E 
And swore to one another only we could make it right 

         A              E             F#m 
We said maybe tonight, maybe tonight, maybe tonight we can 
 A              E              F#m                   A 
Maybe tonight, maybe tonight, maybe tonight we can 

Verse 2: 

I remember your kiss like TNT 
How it rattled every long gone part of me 
            E                                          F#m 
And in the heat of the night you shook when you said my name 
And the precious drop of sweat running down your back 

Like a southbound train burning down the tracks 
     E                                          F#m 
Two martyrs in a world that would never be the same 
           D                         E 
Among the midnight runners and the teenage stunners 
          A                         D 
We were searching for the light of day  
We hoped against hope we could find one voice 
    A                              E 
To sing what we were desperate to say 

Chorus X2 

Horn Solo 

And the tears running down your face 

Like a sad broken prophet's parade 

While this dirty city sleeps tonight 

To the guttered serenade 

Underneath that holy streetlight 

We can take it all back again 

And its the echo of the wounded heart in the night 

That proves we were born to win 

Bleu Edmondson ChordsBleu Edmondson Lyrics

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Edmondson Bleu
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