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What I Left Behind chords - Bleu Edmondson

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Capo 1 
There is no music playing for the first 
couple of lines.  
More road up ahead 
My radio still broken 
C9                                                  G  
The spinning of the wheels and the fencline lead my way 
Your picture on the dash  
and the need to fly so high 
C9                      D                 G 
Are the only two things that I can hold today 
I left you way down south 
crying at the rivers mouth 
C9                                            G  
I got a show up north so I guess it's just as well 
You're still the one for me  
But I'm the man I'll always be 
C9                        D                        G 
And I won't be the one that takes you straight to hell 
       C9                        D 
Cause I'm out here on my own 
G               C9 
Drinkin' all alone 
                      D                Em  
Thinkin' bout things and what I left behind 
C9                         D 
and I need you more right now  
G                        C9 
To give me redemption somehow 
                       D          G 
Rollin' north of that Red River line      
G  C9  D  C9 
G  C9  D  G 
So don't you cry for me 
Cause I can taste what you can't see 
C9                                     G  
But always know you got a place in my heart 
I got an angel riding shotgun 
I got the devil in the back  
C9                     D                G 
and the war they wage is gonna tear me apart 
Instrumental: Do first instrumental (2x) 
As I'm talking to you now 
The sun is going down 
C9                                             G 
I don't know where I am, but God it makes me smile 
G                           D 
I need just one more word coming from your sweer lips 
     C9                    D                 G 
And I swear I'll call you back in a little while 
C9                        D 
Cause I'm out here on my own  
G                      C9  
too tired and halfway stoned 
                            D                 Em 
Thinkin' bout things-------and what I left behind 
C9                         D 
and I need you more right now 
G                        C9 
to give me redemption somehow 
                       D          G  
Rollin' north of that Red River line 

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