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Hell On 18 Wheels chords - Bleu Edmondson

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                D                         G                  D  
Well it's Saturday night, I've been up since Thursday 
        D                        G  D      A 
Another pack of cigarettes, some coffee to go 
   D                    G                    D 
My boots need new heels My shirt smells like diesel 
      D                           A               D 
And I bet you don't know just how far I've got to go 
I was runnin' low on gas so I stopped into Fort Worth 
Ran into this sweet angel said she was from St. Lou 
Well I thought I had it made until I heard some voice say 
Hey boy, that's my wife and just who the hell are you 
                G        A              D 
And I've taken my share of those little white pills 
  G                     D                           A       
I throw?d 'er down into overdrive in the California hills 
  G                 A                 D    Bm/A       Bm     G 
I fly from coast to coast I've got to find out how it feels 
      D             A        G       A  D 
To be heaven in the sack and hell on 18 wheels      
If I only had a dollar for every tire I've blown 
By now I'd be a rich man, I wouldn't haul this load 
And I ain't even seen no cheap motel in hours 
And I feel about as worn down As the old lines on the road 
Chorus 2: 
There's some station up ahead, if it's open I can't tell 
There's some basement AM station playing old Lefty Frizzell 
"Always Late With Your Kisses" don't we know how that feels 
Lord, it's heaven on the airwaves and hell on 18 wheels 
Yeah there's fifty states in all, I've seen almost every one 
Tried every kind of waitress and every kind of beer 
And over time I've been written almost every kind of warning 
I'm still dodging weigh stations but at least I'm still here 
Chorus 1

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