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Billy Covington chords - Great Divide

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                Billy Covington 
By Great Divide
rmofle at

G                                            C
Billy Covington in a lime green pickup truck to meet the rest of our friends
C          G                                                         D
Piled out, with a case of longnecks every night down where the river bends
G                                               C                 G 
One might Billy got this crazy notion to make a run to the Mexico line
C                        G                            D            C           G 
and if things went well, well what the hell we might stay for the rest of our lives

                C               D      C         G
Cause he’d say “I don’t want to end up like everyone
C                   D                                 G           G/F#      Em
Who gets a job just hangs around this town spends the rest of his days under the gun
C                        D                          G       G/F#            Em
Desperately trying to convince themselves these are all the cards life will deal 
        C                 D                C             D            G
Cause I got my life and I got my dreams, I wont let this wicked world steal

So Billy pulled a shotgun on a friend at the quick mart he just smiled and filled the sack with cash
About got busted down in Del Rio trying to steal a tank of gas
Cause we were saving every dime we had taken so we could hide out and live just like kings
When the coast was clear king Billy disappeared and the rest of were just left out in the streets

Em                   C                 G                      C 
It took four days to hitch hike home , got my job back at the mill
C                             D                       C         D                G
Every now and then I hear his voice on the wind and I know that Billy is running still


Billy Covington in a lime green pickup truck to meet the rest of our friends

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