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When You Loved Him chords - Great Divide

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                Intro  G D C G C G D C G  
 G 	  	      D 	  	        C 	  	      G
 Didn't have much money back then  but I saved up everything
 C 	  	         G 	  	            D
 Hitched a ride into town one evening  and I bought you a ring
 G 	  	           D 	           C 	  	                G
 It didn't shine like diamonds but god it meant a lot to me
 C 	  	          G 	  	              C 	  	 G
 I was so proud when you said yes when I got down on my knee
 G 	  	    	            D 	  	     C 	  	           G
 You should know by now that news travels fast In this one story town
 G 	  	   D 	             C 	  	            G
 I overheard a conversation one day as I was settin down
 G 	  	                D 	                 C
 In the coffee shop well the tales grow tall sometimes they're true
 C 	              G 	  	       D 	       C 	      G
 I heard a man describin' this woman  It sounded a lot like you
 Em 	  	   	         D 	  	  	       C
 He said her husband was gone all last week on a cattle run to Santa Fe
 C 	  	        G 	  	           D
 Now he had to lay low for awhile  He's comin home today
 Em 	  	  	 D   	           C 	  	             G
 And he went on to laugh about this cheap ol ring she wore
 C 	  	 G 	  	                D 	     C 	  	 G
 I heard my world crumblin in my ears  Then I walked out the door
  	 C 	  	            D 	  	            G  
 Did he sweep you off your feet last night  Did you plan out who he would
  	 C 	  	                D 	  	            G    Em
 Now you're just a laugh in his coffee shop story  How could you do this to
  	 C 	  	            D 	  	            G  
 When I promised forever and you said I Do  I guess that didn't mean a
  	 G 	  	  	            D 	  	              	 C
 So last night when you loved him God I hope you took off your ring
 G 	       D 	  	        C 	  	               G
 We wander through this life  searchin for something strong
 C 	  	  	      G 	  	       D
 We build our house on trust and love and pray that nothing goes wrong
 G 	               D 	        C 	  	      G
 I'm takin off my ring tonight to show you how I feel
 C 	  	          G 	  	                 D 	      C
 The next time you go makin those promises   Make a few that are real
  	       G 	  	  	       D 	  	  	    C
 G(strum once slowly)
 Yeah last night when you loved him God I hope you took off your ring 

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