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Moon Is Almost Full chords - Great Divide

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Dm - Bb - Dm - Bb - Dm - Bb - C - F

well my lady left her lamp light burnin
prayin for my safe returnin
         Bb            C                 F
and in a moment i'll be nothin more than gone
where the highway churns and burns its greed
fulfilling every sinners need
        Bb          C                F
and its slowly turnin pilgrims into pawns

well i'm out the door and in my truck
and she wishes me the best of luck 
       Bb             C                F
and she waves to me as i pull down the drive
i'm swallowed up into the night
safe behind these dashboard lights
     Bb             C             F
and i thank god that somehow i am still alive

Dm      C               F
and the moon its almost full tonight
Dm        C                 F                 Bb 
and i can see for miles and miles beneath this light
      Bb                C                 F 
and the coyotes must be crazy down in the countryside
Dm     C              F
and my heart it is on fire it seems
Dm      C         F          Bb
burning images of my old childhood dreams
        Bb                           C
and they swell, like an angel born in flight
like the moon its almost full tonight

well the F>night drifts by in awesome wonder
Dm>cast beneath the rolling thunder
as i Bb>cut a path C>across these golden F>fields
F>thoughts of her go floating backwards
Dm>hoping happy ever afters
and Bb>raindrops from heavens C>rafters on my F>windshield

lets F>turn into a new day darlin
Dm>try to hear your own heart calling
the Bb>time is now there C>is no time to F>wait
F>follow on that path you've chosen
Dm>slowly melting come unfrozen
Bb>relieve your guard of C>his duty at your F>gate

              Dm          Bb
and its almost full tonight 

Dm - Bb - C

well my lady left her lamp light burnin
prayin for my safe returnin
        Bb             C                 F
and in a moment i'll be nothing more than gone


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