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Drink Yourself To Death chords - Hangdogs

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The Hangdogs
Drink Yourself To Death

E                                     A        E
You live that fabled rags to riches Nashville life
     B                 A                   E                      B
You still love your Momma, Jesus, and your high school sweetheart wife
         E                             A                  E
You give Hank due but sound more Eaglesesqe with every breath
           B        A                 E
If your so country drink yourself to death

Your the big cross-over favorite with the looks and runway twirl

you do make-up ads but beneath the gloss your still a simple girl

o but what you got to sell me ain't on CD or cassette

If your so Country drink yourself to death

 A                               Cm         E
Country's just a bar to lay your weary head upon
    A                           E            B
So why does country radio sound like Celion Dion
     A                              E             Cm 
Lets go to herd and buy them all a overdose of meth
      F                                      B
or a least suggest they drink them selves to death

Well the keeper of tradition of the Nashville ruling cast

cept that every yeah-who you record looks and sounds just like the last

wearing cowboy boots with polo shirts your a waste of flesh and breath

If your so country drink yourself to death


If your so country drink yourself to death 

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