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She's Leaving You chords - Hangdogs

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                Hangdogs - She's Leaving You

Capo 2

G    F#/G   A  X2

D                                    A
She brought you your drink and asked you how was your day
    Bm                              A
She fumbled a moment the whole time wonderin what she'd say
      G               F#/G   A
She's leaving you
      G               F#/G   A
She's leaving you

She washed the whites in cold washed the colors in hot
She paid up all the bills and O yeah almost forgot
She's leaving you
She's leaving you

         G                                  D
Well you know she vowed till death'll do you part
        G                            D
Now she dies a little  everyday that she don't leave
    G                          Bm
You gave her nothing back when she gave you her heart
           G                      A
That ain't how the magazines all said it's supposed to be

Well she woke up at eight A.M. grown the coffee got the mail
She kissed you off for work and once again forgot to tell you
She's leaving you
She's leaving you

Yeah she knows to love for better or for worse
but she never thought that worse could just be home anyomre
Day after day the same old thing as if you both rehearsed
Now she don't know where she's going she just knows that she's going

Took the car down to the shop gassed it up at the Sinclair
Left a note back on the fridge now she wonders if you'll even care
She's leaving you
She's leaving you
Ohh She's leaving you 
Someday soon 

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