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Monopoly On The Blues chords - Hangdogs

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                Hangdogs - Monopoly On The Blues

Capo 2

      D                                             Em              G
Well folks still call it Main Street, but it don't look too main no more
                           D               Em              G     
Just some redbrick mausoleums whitewashed panes and boarded doors
         D                      Em               G    
And it still runs into old U.S. 13 a few blocks down
     Em            G          Em                  D        
But now days U.S. 13 turns to dirt just south of town

There's still a bank on Main Street so you can take out one more loan
Post office keeps a zip code for young folks to write back home
And the fire engine's still on call when there's someone round to drive
But other'n that, all that's left is this tumble-down old dive

              Em                 G                    D                            
But when the dark comes down on Main Street and the streetlights try to shine
    Em                 G                Em           G
We unlock that front door and light up that old neon sign
        Em                    G                 D                 Bm
And it tells folks if they're looking, man, we still got beer and booze
 Em                          G                                    
Folks ain't got much around here no more
  Em                      G      
Just some memory and the drink we pour
    Em                        G               Em       G       D                          
And this side of that door we got ourselves a monopoly on the blues

Old Don he used to sell us all our groceries cross the street
Till the SuperValu opened up down in the county seat
And Little Joe he would've taken over Big Joe's hardware store
Till the bank it beat him to it and put a padlock on the door

And the Legionaires come around Wednesday nights since the Legion Hall burnt down
And we hear about their wives and wars and buy em a couple rounds
And on Friday nights the farmer's sit and b***h about the drought
They been b***hing here forever, now they're talkin 'bout selling out

Janey's kept her looks since graduating a few years back this June
Now she stares up out the window, past the neon at the moon
When the cash dried up for college she came home to live for free
And work a register at the Wal-Mart down in the county seat

But sometimes she stays till closing and she turns off that old sign
And I'll walk her to her parents' house or sometimes home to mine
Someday I spose I'll figure we got nothin left to lose
Folks ain't got much round here no more
But the best is still this side of that door
And I'll offer her a cut of this Monopoly on the blues 

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